Wonder Garden

Erin and I recently visited the new Children’s Wonder Garden at the North Carolina Botanical Garden!  It’s a magical place, for children young and not so young.  Take a look:

Wonder Streamers

Lovely gauzy stuff is hung up in the trees

Wonder pipes

…along with fun telescopes and pipes to blow on or look through…

Wonder Tea

…and there’s a place to serve imaginary tea…

Wonder Hut

…and a magical house for sitting or hiding in, with a bamboo musical instrument hanging out front…

Erin Wonder

Shiny CDs throw rainbows all around, while Erin looks wonderingly at some plants…

Wonder Dragon

…and I got to pet a Wonder Dragon! He (she?) was made of all sorts of lovely wondrous materials.

If you haven’t been, I encourage you to check it out!  When you get to the Botanical Garden, walk to the front gates of the new Education Center, then turn left and walk around behind the buildings.  It’s back there.  And it’s fun!  Take your favorite kid friend with you, or your favorite kid friend hiding inside yourself.  :-)


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