Woollybear caterpillar in Carrboro

Tiny things

Yesterday, I was ambling home from Johnny’s after a lovely afternoon of working, drinking coffee, and bullshitting with Rock and Steve the mailman.  As I lollygagged down the sidewalk, I happened to step over a tiny thing:

Woollybear caterpillar in Carrboro

Don’t step on me!

A woollybear caterpillar was crawling across the sidewalk!  Now, how cool is that?  After snapping his (her?) picture, I watched fuzzy here complete his/her journey into the grass.

Now, I vaguely remembered something about how you’re supposed to be able to predict how severe the winter is by looking at these fellows.  But I couldn’t really remember…how.  So a quick trip to the internets was in order.  According to Wikipedia,

“It is believed that if a Woolly Bear caterpillar’s brown stripe is thick, the winter weather will be mild and if the brown stripes are narrow, the winter will be severe.”

This guy is pretty much all brown stripe, so I think we’re gonna be okay this winter.

Woollybear Closeup

Take it easy, winter’ll be a breeze!

Now — here’s the wacky part of this story:

Last night was all excited about the neat photo I took of the woollybear, and I decided that I wouldn’t show the photo to Erin until it posted to the blog.  But I couldn’t resist saying, “Hey, I took a great photo today!”

At which point she said, “What is it?  Is it a furry radiator?”

Um… what?  How did she know it looked like a furry radiator??

Any guesses?  Anyway, at that point I had to show her the photo, and we both got a good laugh.  I’m gonna start taking Erin to play the lottery though.  Or at least to drag bingo.

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