Snow? Snow!

Snow treat

A snow treat!

Last week, after Christmas, Erin and I visited our fabulous friend Shelly and her family in the lovely North Carolina mountains near Asheville.  After a great day of bumming around Asheville, we were all thrilled when it started snowing!  You piedmont-dwellers know how it is: with so few chances for snow in Chapel Hill, snow almost always feels extra magical.

That is, it felt extra magical until we began driving home from Asheville on windy, unsalted mountain roads.  But we took it real slow all the way, and happily we made it back to the bottom of our cabin’s driveway with only a few tiny slippages (thank you, Scion, for adding traction control to the xB).  But… did I mention that the cabin was at the top of a very steep hill, and that the driveway involved several switchbacks?  Yeah.  There was no way in heck that car was making it up the driveway!

What to do?  We actually considered sleeping in the car.  But really, it was freezing, and the xB may be boxy inside, but it’s not big enough for three sleepers.  In the end, we hiked up the hill on the side of the road.  Thank God it was wide enough to walk on!  We made it up in 15-20 minutes and promptly fell into bed, grateful to have made it back with so little trouble.

The next morning, we stayed snowed in until noon — that’s how long it took for the sun to melt the ice on the driveway.  Time enough to have some fun in this winter wonderland! Checkit out:

After snow treats, we made snowballs, and then a snowman, who promptly turned in to a snowwoman.  Hey, it is Asheville, after all.


SnowWoman, with Madonna-esque acorn bra and pinecone fascinator

Snow beard

Shelly has a snow beard.


Snow! Friends! Yay!

SnowWoman Remains

After a couple hours, this was all that remained of our SnowWoman…






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