Manifesting is fun and easy

Finished felted purse closeup

New manifested purse

Last week I took a great walk around Occoneechee Mountain with Susan.  We talked about manifesting, and how we can all do it.  Like the time that Erin and were looking to move in together, but we couldn’t for the life of us find a house that we both agreed on and that we could afford.  So we did a little manifestation ritual, writing a letter to a friend as though we’d already found the perfect house and describing it in detail.  We didn’t send the letter, but kept it on our little buddha altar.  Within a month, we’d found the perfect house, where we’re still living.

So I know I can do it, but most of the time, I forget.  This week something small but cool happened to remind me of how we can manifest even little neat things in our lives.

It started when my purse died.  The purse that I’ve had for nine years, that I love.  Dang it!  I hate purse shopping, because most purses for sale all have bling of some sort on them, or are too large, or have too many pockets, or blah blah blah blah blah.  

BUT: on Wednesday, as I was wondering where the heck I would find a new purse, I remembered that, about seven years ago, I started knitting a purse with the intention of felting it, got almost all the way done, then got freaked out by felting and put it away in the knitting box.  I thought, “Oh my god — is it still up there in the attic???”  I vaguely remembered seeing this knitting project last time I moved and thinking, “Oh good, it’s still there.”  ‘Cause, you know, I did still want to finish it, even though I hadn’t looked at it in seven years.  Well dang if I didn’t go up to the attic, find the knitting box, and pull out that unfinished purse!

Unfelted purse closed

Unfelted purse project

Unfelted purse with Eli

Eli checks it out

Unfelted front of purse hanging

Hanging up








All that was left to do was to weave the loose yarn ends back in, knit the two halves of the handle together, and felt it.  Actually, knitting the two handle halves together was part of what stopped me from finishing it in the first place — I didn’t know how to do it, so I stopped, then got distracted and never went back to it.  But thanks to the magic of the internet, I was able to find a video that showed me exactly how to do it.

Unfelted handle join

Two handle halves joined together with kitchener stitch

From there, I just had to figure out how to felt it.  This website was a great help and helped me not freak out too much about how I was going to ruin this purse that took me a long time to knit (that was the other thing that stopped me seven years ago).  First step: throw it in the washing machine:

In the washer

Purse in washer (in zippered pillowcase to keep red felt from covering inside of washer, and with a pair of jeans added for extra agitation)

Second step: feel anxious excitement and try not to freak out too much:

Grace felting feelings

“Oh my god, it’s felting!!”

After five minutes or so, I checked the felting process and realized I’d forgotten to weave all the ends in.  Whoops!  A few tangly pieces were hanging off the purse, so I clipped them off.

Felted strings

Felted yarn ends

You can see they’re already felting up quite nicely.  I left the purse in another seven minutes, then pulled it out of the washer.  Holy crap, it was felted!

Felted purse with boot

Felted purse with boot. It definitely shrank!

And it looks great!  How totally cool!!!

The only problem was the handle was a little short for my purposes. So, while it was still wet, I decided to stretch it by hanging it up with some weights in the purse:

Felted stretch

Stretching the handle out with The Hymnal 1982 and a large glass paperweight (in the bottom)

After hanging up like this for a whole day, the purse was finally dry, and the handle was the right length.  Now it needed a closure!  I went to Michael’s and bought a magnetic purse closure:

Closure with pliersClosure closeupMagnetic closure





Then I superglued a star magnet on top of the closure to make it look snazzy:

Star backRockstar closeup on purse






Finished felted purse

There’s nothing like shopping in your attic…

Finished felted purse closeup

…and finding the perfect thing waiting for you there.

A purse of my own, that I made!  I didn’t have to go to the store and buy one after all!  Now how cool is that??





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