Fall delights


“Really? Satisfaction guaranteed?”

Yesterday afternoon, Erin and I left the house to go for a walk.  The air was crisp – so crisp that we needed full-fledged coats, not just jackets.  At the end of the driveway, I narrowly avoided stepping on a very slow-moving cricket.  Actually, I thought it was dead.  But then I saw it move – veeeeerry slightly – one tiny leg.  Perhaps it was very cold, and trying to conserve energy?

In any case, I picked up a handy leaflet that was lying on the ground and moved him (her?) over to the grass.  After taking the requisite photograph.

Erin walking

C’mon! This is a walk, not a photo shoot.

Meanwhile, Erin said, “Hey!  C’mon!”  So off we walked down the street.

Then, Eli followed us…

…and though we tried to ignore him…

…in hopes that he would not follow us to the end of the road… where busy and dangerous-for-cats Main Street is…

…he persisted.

I thought he was following me, but it turned out he was really interested in talking to Erin.  Who can blame him, right?

Cat Walk

Eli, let’s go home.

Cat Wriggle

Hey! Put me down!

At last, after putting Eli inside, we made it around the block for our walk.  Where we found…

Beautiful light

Beautiful autumn sunshine frosting the trees…

Strange Squashes

…and some strange squashes (I think?) growing along a neighbor’s garden fence. Anyone know what these things are?

All in all, a lovely autumn walk.

(Speaking of which, I must stop blogging and go outside now before the sun goes down.  Happy autumn!)

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