Fairy Bowling, and other pursuits

This weekend, Erin and I visited my mother in Virginia for her birthday.  While we were there, the three of us took a walk at Occoneechee State Park, a lovely and magical place, especially in the fall.

Fun in the woods

Hurray for the woods!

While there, we found evidence of a snacky hiker….


You can’t see them, but the ants are celebrating.

…and, further down the path, evidence of…(not too loud, now)… fairy bowling!

Fairy bowling field

Can you see the fairy bowling balls scattered on the ground here? They’re bright green.

Fairy balls

Here’s a closeup

Okay, so they’re really osage oranges, which apparently were pretty popular among Native Americans: the wood of the osage orange tree is really frickin strong, flexible, and durable, so it made good bows and hunting clubs.  My friend Rob once told me that Indians would use osage oranges as a kind of currency, since they were easy to carry around and could be traded as a valuable, wood producing fruit.  Kinda neat.  I left these where they were though, since I don’t need to make any bows or clubs.

Some other neat tiny things we found…

Fun Fungi

Some kind of lovely, sea-weedy looking fungus…


…and a snail shell with an acorn.

Also, check out these two trees that have grown together:

Tree love

Tree love.

We also encountered a magical, parallel universe, inhabited by a wolf and her human companion.  It was on the other side of a stream, and we would have had to cross a fallen log bridge in order to get there.  But we weren’t sure if we could get back, so we decided to stay in our own universe.  For now, anyway.

7 thoughts on “Fairy Bowling, and other pursuits

  1. Susan Wells

    We landed up with a couple of those oranges from Robs. They were so beautiful green and then beautiful browns and greens. I was gonna take a picture but then they disappeared. Now I know what happened. The Fairies must gotten to them!

  2. Peter White

    Go Grace, ever more the botanist! Well, zoologist too. And ecologist. On behalf of thousands of members of those professions, I say, welcome!

  3. Sasha

    I like those green gooblily goos you called “oranges”. They look like they would be fun to touch. I might of traded you something cool for one of those? O well… Fairies need a place to jump I suppose:)

    1. Grace Post author

      Hmmm…. next time I see one, I will grab it, in hopes you’ll trade me something something cool for it.


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