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Book Release Party!

This past Sunday I was at Carol Woods Retirement Community for the official book release of my biography of Charles and Shirley Weiss, Giving Is Good For the Soul: The Life and Legacy of Charles and Shirley Weiss.

How exciting is that?  Super exciting!

Here’s a video clip of Charles and I talking about the book:

As you can see, Charles and I got to sit at the front table, along with book designer Meghan Lubker.   Continue reading

Good morning, world

This morning, I woke up, fed the cats, and washed a lot of dishes.  Then I ate breakfast.  Then, I sat down to WRITE: quite an accomplishment, considering my abilities to procrastinate and avoid my personal writing (see dishes, above).  Here’s the space I’ve set up for myself to make writing more tempting/inviting/enjoyable…

Sunny Writing Desk

Sunlight likes to come in through my window in the morning and light up the pages.

My good friend Barbara recently turned me on to the Artist’s Way, which you can see open on the desk there; it’s kind of saved my creative life.  Who knew I could actually have FUN being creative again??  Not me!  Thanks, Barbara, and Artist’s Way. Continue reading