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There’s Nothing Scarier…

…than what’s inside your own imagination.

Storyteller Donna Washington

Storyteller Donna Washington

Last weekend I attended the Garner Storytelling Festival at North Garner Middle School.  Kids were telling stories, and so were adults, including the renowned Donna Washington, a fantastic storyteller who kept both kids and adults hanging on her every word.

I think stories are so cool.  In journalism school, I learned how most of what we know about the world comes to us through stories.  It’s not like we’ve gone out and experienced everything that we have knowledge about.  Most of the things we know, we know because of stories: stories from school textbooks, stories from the news, stories our parents and grandparents told us, stories we hear from friends about their lives or something they’ve experienced.  (What else is the news feed on Facebook but a long list of stories?)  As the very wise Erin Coyle said to me this morning, stories are almost all we have. Continue reading

Rockin the Cradle

Singing and dancing are two of my favorite things to do.  So I was very excited when my friend Megan Leiss recruited me and Tim Wells to perform with her at a fundraising concert for our church, The Episcopal Church of the Advocate.  The church is in the middle of raising money for its new building; I’m happy to say that the benefit was a great success (raising $4,000!) — and it was an awesome good time, to boot.

Here’s some video that my sweetie shot of Tim Wells & Friends performing “Who’ll Rock the Cradle?”  Thank you to Elia and Allyn for kicking it up a notch with their dancing!

…and now for some awesome gospel harmonies, harmonica, and washboard! Continue reading

Tippin on the Tightrope

A perfect song about the creative process, “Tightrope” caught my ear when it came out in 2010, and hasn’t really let it go since.  Based in a funky alternate reality in which the musicians are inmates in an insane asylum (now there’s some symbolism!), the song talks about how you have to keep on keeping on — and keep on making your art — no matter “whether you’re high or low,” or if people are criticizing you, or you’re on top of the world, or whatever.  As an artist who struggles with keeping upbeat on dreary “down” kind of days, I find this song totally inspiring.  Not to mention totally fun!  Janelle Monáe sings it right on.  Take a listen:

Continue reading