Monthly Archives: November 2012

A Pearl on the Ocean Floor

A Pearl in the Sea

Last week, this Rumi poem inspired me to make some photographs (like this one, left; more below the poem) with a scarf, a pearl, and a very small whale.

This poem comes from The Essential Rumi, translated by Coleman Barks.

Where Everything is Music 

Don’t worry about saving these songs!

And if one of our instruments breaks,
it doesn’t matter. Continue reading

Book Release Party!

This past Sunday I was at Carol Woods Retirement Community for the official book release of my biography of Charles and Shirley Weiss, Giving Is Good For the Soul: The Life and Legacy of Charles and Shirley Weiss.

How exciting is that?  Super exciting!

Here’s a video clip of Charles and I talking about the book:

As you can see, Charles and I got to sit at the front table, along with book designer Meghan Lubker.   Continue reading

Fall delights


“Really? Satisfaction guaranteed?”

Yesterday afternoon, Erin and I left the house to go for a walk.  The air was crisp – so crisp that we needed full-fledged coats, not just jackets.  At the end of the driveway, I narrowly avoided stepping on a very slow-moving cricket.  Actually, I thought it was dead.  But then I saw it move – veeeeerry slightly – one tiny leg.  Perhaps it was very cold, and trying to conserve energy?

In any case, I picked up a handy leaflet that was lying on the ground and moved him (her?) over to the grass.  After taking the requisite photograph. Continue reading